Still think this isn’t a police state? Read on …

Man died of spinal injury after being arrested by Baltimore police

Washington Post
Date: April 20, 2015
By: Peter Hermann and Lynh Bui

BALTIMORE — City officials suspended six police officers Monday as they investigate the death of a 25-year-old man who suffered a severe spinal cord injury while in police custody.

Freddie Gray had been hospitalized since his April 12 arrest and, according to his attorney, was in a coma when he died Sunday. On Monday, the mayor and police commissioner publicly pleaded for calm and promised a full accounting — an effort to keep Baltimore from becoming the latest flash point in disintegrating relations between police and communities across the country.

“It has been difficult to overcome decades of mistrust,” Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D) said at a news conference, adding that she was encouraged by peaceful protests thus far. “Our community is experiencing a great deal of trauma. . . . None of us get the answers we need or the Gray family deserves by resorting to violence.”    [FULL  STORY]

Welcome to the Police State of The USA

Do you really think the headline is over the top?  Read on ….

The San Bernardino County (California) Sheriff ordered an internal investigation Thursday into an arrest caught on NBC Los Angeles’ NewsChopper4 video that showed deputies beating a suspect when they caught up with him following a desert chase on horseback.

Aerial footage showed the man falling off the horse he was suspected of stealing during the pursuit in San Bernardino County Thursday afternoon.

He then appeared to be stunned with a Taser by a sheriff’s deputy and fall to the ground with his arms outstretched. Two deputies immediately descended on him and appeared to punch him in the head and knee him in the groin, according to the footage, reviewed several times by NBC4.

In the two minutes after the man was stunned with a Taser, it appeared deputies kicked him 17 times, punched him 37 times and struck him with batons four times. Thirteen blows appeared to be to the head. The horse stood idly nearby.


(CNN)The officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man in South Carolina has been fired as anger continues to build around his case.

A video shows Officer Michael Slager, who is white, firing eight shots at 50-year-old Walter Scott as Scott has his back to him and is running away. Scott, who was unarmed, was struck five times.

‘They seized three-year-old children and shot them': Darkest atrocities of the Nazis laid bare in the secretly recorded conversations of German prisoners of war

The Daily Mail
By Allan Hall for MailOnline

Some of the most brutal and horrifying atrocities of the Nazis at war are laid bare in secretly recorded conversations of captured German soldiers published in Britain for the first time today.

The prisoners, mostly ordinary soldiers, sailors and airmen as opposed to SS hardliners, are overheard bragging about shooting women and children for sport as well as raping and slaughtering innocent civilians.

But unbeknown to them, British and U.S. intelligence were secretly eavesdropping on their private chats.article-0-150C44DC000005DC-819_634x399

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Can The American Police State Be Stopped?

 police state radioSWAT team raids for petty crimes, military-style vehicles in small towns, drug-sniffing dogs in our children’s schools, and surveillance cameras everywhere you look. Sadly, you don’t have to travel very far to see that the police state is a reality in modern-day America.
And, as you’ll learn on today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, it is only going to Clipboard01get worse. Author and civil liberties attorney John W. Whitehead joins the program to tell us what the future of the American police state will look like with cutting-edge and frightening new technologies. Whitehead is the founder of the Rutherford Institute and the author of A Government Of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.Whitehead tells us:

  • How a new technology will allow police to actually hear what you’re saying in your home – without you even knowing.
  • What new ultra-deadly bullets police are using that are controversial even in military circles.
  • How police can now “see” what you’re doing inside your home, even without a warrant.
  • Why “robo cops” may be the wave of the future – and why it’s no laughing matter.     [FULL  STORY]

Obama To Disband the Marine Corps

Daily Kos
Date: Jan 01, 2015
By: SemDemFollow

You didn’t know this, did you?

On a flight home I sat in between two individuals,  a Marine and boxing promoter.  The boxing guy was an older gentleman, and told interesting stories, such as meeting Don King.  Both men were very pleasant and that helped make time pass on the flight.  We were all combat veterans and all Southerners, so we had a lot in common.  Then the discussion, inevitably, turned to politics.

The older guy turned to the Marine and said “You know Obama is getting rid of the Marine Corps, right?”

The Marine was puzzled.  He hadn’t heard this news.  Neither had I.  “Yeah, Eric Holder just had a meeting with the Joint Chiefs.  Obama is going to disband them by Executive Order.”     [FULL  STORY]

Is this America?

As I gaze with horror and disgust at the images of our militarized police forces I begin to fahrenheit451awonder if history is indeed destined to repeat itself.  Remember the movie Fahrenheit 451 and the black uniforms of the Nazi SS troops?  Now check out the modern day images of our police forces all dressed up like the murderous enforcers of a dictatorship.

Do they really think they do a better job when they’re all decked out in their somber looking regalia?

Please, please, bring back the America I knew and love.  Stop this ridiculous militarism of our police force.

The thugs of Ferguson

The thugs of Ferguson have shown how absolutely uneducated they are.  As I have stated before, it is my opinion that Black people are inherently violent.  They have certainly shown it tonight.  How proud they must be of their recklessness tonight.  Don’t these people understand how stupid they look?  Their actions have done NOTHING to advance the race.