Ferguson, Missouri Cops look rediculous

The Ferguson, Missouri cops look like little boys trying to play Army.  Their bullying tactics are disgusting.  I hope the Federal Dept. of Justice can somehow get these Cops in order.  Their response to seemingly harmless activity by the crowd is so disjointed that it’s almost laughable.Clipboard01

The Ferguson Police should be ashamed of their racist performance.  When is it OK to point loaded automatic rifles at American citizens?  Is this Communist China or North Korea?  The world is watching and looking in amazement as the Police use stun bombs, Police dogs, rubber bullets and tear gas against an unarmed citizenry.

Not the America I knew

What’s been happening in Ferguson Missouri make me think I am living in a dictatorial police state.  The scenes remind me of what I saw during the Tiananmen square protests.  Tonight the Police were deffinitelty the provocateurs.  They were strutting their stuff dressed in their Nazi SS-Like camo uniforms while pointing military rifles at the mostly non-violent protesters.  It is very clear to this observer that the police are trying their darnedest start something.  This sends a chill up my spine and reminds me of the historical photos and videos of World War Two Nazi storm Troopers in action.  I think this is just the beginning of what will become the norm in police departments across the USA.

Such ignorance

The one thought I am left with after watching hour-after-hour of of CNN’s coverage of the Ferguson, Missouri episode is how sadly uneducated most if not all of the residents are.  Their grammar, their slovenliness and their disrespect for others must truly be an embarrassment to their race.

Gentle Giant or Thug?

Michael Brown, Gentle Giant or Thug?  Michael Brown’s friends and family referred to him as a Gentle Giant.  Now, after release of the robbery video in which Michael Brown is shown as forcibly robing several boxes of cigars Clipboard01from the store, we are told  that the family has conceded their son wasn’t “a perfect kid,” said family attorney Daryl Parks.  In my mind Michael Brown was a brutal thug.  Albeit a stupid thug.  I don’t feel the least bit grieved by his death or others of his ilk.

Are they animals?

During the looting last night in Missouri a Police Officer is heard to say that the rioters are animals. Maybe he is right. We can’t even understand their ignorant English. It’s about time the African American Community pulls itself out of the gutter of welfare and violence. If blacks want to be treated like human beings they must start acting like human beings.

Adolph Hitler has risen from the dead

How can the Russian people support such an evil man?ong-urile-din-rusia-privite-de-putin-ca-o-potentiala-amenintare_01  Can they not see that Putin is the embodiment of Hitler?  Thank God Europe has seen the light and called a spade a spade.  There is nothing more important than the destruction of such a evil person as Putin.